RFID Paper Ticket Software System for Concerts

The software system is simple and practical. The system includes: ticket making and selling subsystem, ticket checking and monitoring subsystem, ticket selling and admission data summary and analysis system.

The concert RFID ticket anti-counterfeiting system developed by using RFID technology is mainly composed of electronic tag anti-counterfeiting tickets, RFID reading equipment and RFID middleware. The system can help ticket agencies, large venues, concerts and outdoor live impression performances to achieve convenient ticket sales and ticket checking, and can track ticket holders accurately in real time. It is composed of equipment and RFID middleware.

The Ticket Making and Selling Subsystem of the Concert RFID Paper Ticket Software System

The basic function of the ticket making and selling subsystem is to sell and issue tickets. By using special encryption equipment authorized by the organizer to encrypt tickets and write relevant information into the system, ticket checking system, ticket sellers select the type of tickets sold, unit price and expiry date, etc. to complete on-site delivery, and the label issuing and printing terminal can print all tickets and sell; show current ticket sales status; submit ticket sales information to the server.

Concert RFID Paper Ticket Software System and Ticket Checking Monitoring Subsystem

Basic functions of ticket checking monitoring subsystem: when checking tickets in and out venues, the information of electronic tag tickets is read by fixed reader or handheld ticket checker, and security authentication module is used to carry out security authentication. If the authentication is passed, the information is read out correctly, and the confirmation information is returned and passed legally; otherwise, the alarm will be prompted. A tighter procedure for checking entrance tickets may also result in minor omissions. Ticket inspection in venues is a random spot check, aiming at further discovering illegal entry staff in routine safety inspection. Inspectors can use a hand-held ticket checker to read ticket information directly from a long distance without disturbing the audience. If there is any doubt, the audience can be asked to cooperate for further examination. Through the double checkpoints of RFID ticket checking, the occurrence of fake tickets is eliminated to the greatest extent.

RFID paper ticket download legitimate audience lists, upload information of the admission personnel and ticket identification.

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