RFID Contactless Technology Enables Safer, More Efficient Supply Chain

In the face of sudden supply shortages and highly volatile buying demand during the epidemic, distributors and retailers are realizing that digital supply chain technology is a critical capability that must be deployed to deal with the uncertainty of the future.

Digital supply chain contactless technology provides a response to these challenges and has resulted in solutions based on RFID technology applications that provide comprehensive and accurate real-time inventory information, enabling seamless tracking of all products from source to consumer.

1. Why choose RFID application?

RFID technology applications create a unique digital identity for every tangible product, helping companies to view every tagged item in their supply chain anytime, anywhere, thus enabling unprecedented levels of inventory transparency and accuracy.

2. The application of RFID technology makes real-time data a key success factor

In the case of supply shortages and fluctuating demand, a critical point is how to obtain reliable real-time data to show inventory levels at different locations and provide timely feedback on the status of products that are stranded due to border closures or customs delays.

RFID applications can also help store-based retailers develop flexible e-commerce models that provide consumer-facing services directly from any link in the retail supply chain, such as package shipping or home delivery, paving the way for more effective omnichannel strategies in the future.

3. Choose a professional company as for RFID applications

Since its establishment, our company has developed a complete product line and QC system.

We produce inductive smart cards, RFID tags, RFID wristbands, RFID keychains and RFID tickets that comply with ISO/IEC 7815/7816/14443/15693/18000-6 series.

During this period, the production facilities have been updated several times, especially the personalization and quality control systems. Less labor and more automated equipment have successfully increased product yields and effectively reduced production costs. As one of the full service RFID cards suppliers with over 15 years of export experience, millions of smart cards are shipped to over 70 countries/regions worldwide every year.

A trusted RFID card manufacturer committed to providing end-to-end services including manufacturing, personalization and distribution. We provide quality plastic cards, smart cards, and RFID products at affordable prices for all types of marketing applications. We are also pleased to provide our customers with actionable solutions and help them with their business.

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