Requirements for Membership Card Standard Dimension

There are many types of membership cards on the market, which can be roughly divided into two types, one is the standard membership card dimension, and the other is the non-standard membership card dimension. There is a fixed standard for the size of the standard membership card: the size including the bleed size is 88.5*57mm, and the size of the finished membership card is 85.5*54mm (in millimeters).

The definition of non-standard membership card dimensions: any size except the standard membership card dimension is non-standard membership card dimension. You can set the size of the non-standard membership card by yourself. It is recommended that you should consult our relevant customer service staff first to avoid the situation that the size of the membership card you want exceeds the maximum size of our materials.

The membership card must be used together with the membership card management system, which generally consists of membership cards, membership card reading and writing equipment, and membership card management software. Application process: making membership card——>; issuing membership card——>; customer use——>; managing and billing——>; counting and reporting. The corresponding reading and writing equipment includes magnetic card readers, IC card readers, and radio frequency card readers. The management software can make management systems suitable for their own enterprises according to the differences of each enterprise, among which, the ordinary PVC card is the easiest way to manage for it can be applied without any other equipment support. The standard specification of the membership card: 85.5*54*0.76mm, which is similar to a common bank card. The layout can be customized according to customer requirements and the card body can be attached with a magnetic strip, bar code, and signature strip.

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