Will the PVC Smart Card Fade?

PVC membership cards are commonly used by everyone. PVC is also a material commonly used for making membership cards. , We will see that there are many colors on the card for making PVC membership card, so some merchants will ask: will the PVC plastic card fade after being used for a long time?

For the question of whether the printed PVC membership card will fade after a long time use, STAR TREND technical staff explained: First of all, everyone should know that the content on the membership card is printed and available in various colors. Of course, the color will fade (unless it is white or black). The global card industry cannot guarantee that PVC membership cards will not fade. In fact, the membership card will fade after being used for a long time, and this cannot be avoided. It can only be said that how to effectively prevent the fading of the membership card.

Why don't the white and black membership cards fade?
First, white is the material color of our membership card. Since the material is in this color, there will certainly be no fading. Besides, white itself can be regarded as colorless, so blank white pvc cards won't fade.

Second, the color of black is more dominant, and the membership card made of this color will not fade. Just like the black leather shoes that everyone wears, black leather shoes will not fade.

If you want to prevent the PVC membership card from fading, it is recommended that you add double-sided film when making the PVC membership card. A protective film is added to prevent discoloration and prevent the card surface from being scratched. Another way is to make a membership card for the matte surface. The matte surface is not smooth. The card for the matte surface can also effectively prevent fading and scratching of the card surface.
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