RFID Card Process Introduction and Market Application

RFID Card Process Introduction and Market Application

The radio frequency identification card is mainly produced by contactless IC card identification technology. Not only certain technical support is required, but also strong card-making equipment is needed to ensure that no mistakes are made in the process of making RFID cards.


Radio frequency cards are divided into low frequency cards and high frequency cards (hf card). The low-frequency RFID technology below 13.56MHz has accumulated more than 10 years of mature experience in the industry. At present, the RFID technology located in the middle and high frequency bands is the most concerned in the industry. In the field of high frequency, domestic companies have gradually matured their technologies and are actively promoting the application of various systems. At present, the demand for RFID cards in China is very large!


As a more sophisticated product in the smart card, the RF card is currently used in traffic management, security system, personnel attendance management, membership system management, and financial system. The most common one is our own ID card. As the demand for RFID in the second-generation ID card project in China recedes, access control, transportation and IT asset tracking systems have become the strongest RFID market in China. The application of RFID in the industrial automation industry and the pharmaceutical industry will be slowed down, which will lead to the reshuffle of the RFID industry. In the future, more compatibility and mergers will appear in the RFID market.

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