Why is the RFID Wristband more Suitable for Music Festivals than the NFC Mobile Phone?

Modern festivals and events include RFID wristbands, which simplify the way to pay and share experiences in the social media.

Most of the RFID wristbands for sale contain short-distance (usually 3-5cm) passive tags. They don't need batteries, and only need to approach or touch the RFID reader to get energy. When the reader detects the RFID wristband, it automatically activates the magnetic field of the coil antenna in the tag to supply energy for the tag, thereby transmitting the data in the tag to the reader.

The tags in the RFID wristband can be written information directly or used as keys to access personal security databases.

Many festival activities around the world have used RFID wristbands to provide fast track, cash-free payment and social media interaction for tourists. Users can choose to bind their RFID wristbands with Facebook and Twitter accounts after buying tickets online, so that they can post, share or "praise" their favorite activities during the activities.

More and more festivals use RFID wristbands, including music festivals. It is estimated that almost all tourists around the world have used RFID wristbands so far.

Although NFC smartphones can be used as alternatives, the problem is that not everyone owns NFC phones, while RFID wristbands are available to everyone.

Another problem is that mobile phones need to have their own power supply, and the situation that the battery run out of power may happen. Festival venues generally do not have a place to recharge. If the cell phone is powered off, it will not be able to use electronic wallets, tickets or social media on the cell phone.

But that doesn't mean that the NFC has no use in festival activities. Samsung Galaxy S4 is used as an RFID reader and is a good handheld scanner for small activities.

It is shown in the data that tens of millions of Facebook "praise" and hundreds of millions of contactless transactions have been generated by RFID wristbands, and we can expect that RFID wristbands will be widely used in the near future.

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