Advantages of RFID Card

Advantages of RFID Card

IC cards are often seen in our daily lives. Its development has experienced contact memory cards and encryption cards, and is now developing in the direction of contactless cards and CPU cards. The wireless IC card uses a non-contact method, which uses radio frequency technology to achieve communication between the radio frequency card and the read-write device. Compared with early or simultaneous identification technologies such as bar codes and magnetic cards, it has the advantages of large working distance, no contact, and fast information processing speed. Therefore, in addition to being used in confidential and financial products, this high-tech product can also be widely used in the fields of household appliances, identity certificate control, anti-theft alarm, electronic anti-counterfeit labels, and rfid animal ear tag classification.The advantages of wireless radio frequency cards are described below.


Radio frequency identification technology is abbreviated as RFID, which is a contactless automatic identification technology. The basic principle is to use the spatial coupling and propagation characteristics of radio frequency signals and electromagnetics to realize automatic recognition of the recognized objects. It is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary and multi-technology application technology. Wireless IC cards are also called convenience cards, radar cards, proximity cards, contactless cards, RF cards, magic cards, radio frequency cards, and smart cards. It organically combines radio frequency identification technology and IC card technology to solve the problem of passive (no power in the card) and contact-free. It is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices. It has the following advantages:

(1) The wireless IC card has high reliability, and it has no mechanical contact with the reader, avoiding various failures caused by contact with the reader. For example, rough card insertion, insertion of non-card foreign objects, and dust or oil stains cause misreading or poor contact. 


(2) Since there are no exposed chips on the surface of the IC card, there is no need to worry about the problems of chip falling, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage, etc.


(3) Easy operation

It can be traded with the reader in two directions with a shaking time of less than 10ms within the range of 30-200mm from the reader. Therefore, the bus card can still be traded in the wallet. 


(4) Fast transaction speed

It has a fast anti-collision mechanism inside, which can prevent data interference between cards. Its reading and writing time is less than 10ms, and the time of authentication and transaction is less than 100ms.


(5) Good encryption performance

The chip is equipped with 64-bit data, including a 9-bit header, 40-bit data content, 14-bit parity, and a stop bit. Its serial number is unique. The serial number of the manufacturer's chip has been cured before leaving the factory. Once it is cured, it cannot be modified. A two-way authentication mechanism is used between the IC card and the reader. That is, the reader verifies the legality of the IC card, and the illegal card cannot enter the system for transactions, and has strong security, confidentiality and usability.

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