RFID Tags Can Also Be Used for Security Monitoring Systems

1. Introduction to RFID tags

RFID tags can be used as the basis for a series of powerful security sensors. By integrating the RFID tag with the reed switch, a motion detector can be made. Similarly, the impact event detector can be manufactured by replacing the impact switch with a reed switch. In both cases, the sensor switch is connected between the two terminals of the antenna and between the two terminals of the RFID chip. In this configuration, the operation of the RFID tag is enabled or disabled according to the ON or OFF state of the switch.

2. The security monitoring system uses RFID tags

Different RFID tags equipped with motion sensors can be attached to windows, doors and safes, while vibration-sensitive tags can be attached to the upper frame of medicines. Commercial RFID reader has two functions:

a) It detects any sensor that is active through its motion or vibration sensing switch

b) The reader also floods the area with low-power RF radiation. When the tag is activated, the radiation powers the tag.

Since each RFID tag has its own unique ID, the RFID reader will know where the detected activity occurred. Once the activity data is captured, it can be transferred to the cloud for analysis, and users will be notified via smartphone or email alerts when appropriate.

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