The Application Of RFID Electronic Identity Certificate

The Application Of RFID Electronic Identity Certificate

The universality of RFID application area depends on its plentiful advantages, from production process management, goods management, traffic management, personnel management, to consumer services and other applications, which makes electronic documents have become quite mature products. We can see that RFID technology has begun to penetrate into the application of all fields, and the use value of RFID technology is getting more and more widely improved.

(1) The application of the second generation ID card

As the second generation of ID card (referred to as the second generation card) adopts RFID technology, the second generation card contains chip and RF antenna, the second generation card has the characteristics of organic reading information, automatic identification and high data security. Its embedded chip saves 9 items of information of the certificate itself, including the picture of the person. The companies can read the information of the second-generation card and the information application system of relevant companies and enterprises, which is fast, convenient and accurate by using the characteristics of the second-generation card. The cost of cracking the second generation card embedded chip is very high, which makes it impossible to fake the certificate. As long as the chip information is automatically recognized by the card reader, the real and false information can be known easily. At present, it is no longer difficult for the relevant companies and staff to verify the authenticity of the certificate of the holder. Based on the automatic identification of the card reader and comparison, it is easy and convenient to confirm the identity of the holder. In real life, people use the second-generation card uniformly when they stay in a hotel, apply for medical insurance, take a civil aviation flight, register for entry and exit, handle financial business and participate in various examinations.

(2) The application of credentials in the 104th Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is the largest and highest level import and export commodity exhibition in China, which always attracting buyers, exhibitors of global foreign trade enterprises and visitors of import and export trade from various countries. Each session of the fair gathered hundreds of thousands of people to participate in the exhibition, It is known as "the first exhibition in Asia". In order to strengthen the certificate verification and verify the real identity of the visitors quickly, RFID technology has been added to the certificates of the Canton Fair for the first time, it helps realize advanced and stable information collection and personnel management by combining information management system of fair , especially to meet the real-time online processing needs of a large number of certificate information, realize the whole process monitoring of dynamic information of all kinds of personnel, vehicles, etc., and carry out identification, tracking, scheduling, statistics and other operations according to the needs of security work.

RFID technology in the credentials of Canton fair not only strengthens the certificate verification, but also strengthens the concept of humanized and scientific management. First, the use of machine-readable equipment can instantly identify the identity and access rights of participants, and achieve fast access to venues. The second is to use the chip memory function to provide corresponding services according to different categories of participants, purchasers and staff, and realize regional positioning control, such as open access control system. The third is to accurately identify documents and play a deterrent role. During the Canton Fair, the number of false evidence cases decreased significantly.

RFID technology development and application has been appointed up to now, it has become a mature electronic products with various varieties. Electronic documents can store biometric information, such as biological data and digital photos. Its convenient and easy-to-use characteristics greatly promote the process of socialization and information construction. With the further development of RFID technology and the reduction of the cost of electronic documents, RFID technology will be widely used in strengthening regional control and identity identification, carrying out effective and fast identity identification and showing its huge social benefits and application value.

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