Two Values of a RFID Label

From paper labels to barcodes, from barcodes to two-dimensional codes, to the current electronic RFID label, our lives are progressing with the times, and the development of the "label era" is also progressing.

Nowadays, more and more fields have begun to apply the new RFID electronic label technology and put it in daily applications. However, because of the lack of knowledge of RFID products, many industries with a little involvement have begun to doubt the advancement and necessity of RFID. What is the value of the RFID label?

1. Release of the RFID label reading restrictions

Holding a scanning reader in his hand, aiming at the product code one by one to read the inherent impression. The reading scene under the rfid label can become very ambitious, and it can also become very invisible.

2. The indelible nature of the RFID label

This indelibleness refers specifically to the packaging method of the RFID label, in addition to referring to the fact that most of its stored information cannot be modified and written.

Judging from most of the RFID tag applications cases and adaptation scenarios, it is not an external fool-like package combination, but is packaged into the product core. This solves the problems of ripping off and smearing anti-counterfeiting codes by criminals, and allows product information to be truly embedded in the genes of the product itself.

For the RFID label traceability or anti-counterfeiting, if it breaks away from the protection of its own anti-counterfeiting and traceability mechanism, then the so-called anti-counterfeiting and traceability are just marketing methods to fool consumers, and there is no real security at all.

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