Punching Process RFID Tag

Punching Process RFID Tag

RFID Tag Solutions

  • RFID Token TagsRFID Token Tags2019/05/14RFID token tag is usually a round (or customized) shaped tag with the RF chip and antenna inside.
  • RFID Animal TagsRFID Animal Tags2019/05/14RFID animal ear tag is a kind of radio frequency identification tag which is used to identify the animal properties with storage, literacy, communication and exchange of animal information.
  • RFID Laundry Coin TagsRFID Laundry Coin Tags2019/05/14RFID coin tag is a durable non-toxic product. Its housing is injected by plastic that can be used in high temperature and humidity operating conditions.

RFID Tag Related Products

  • RFID Tags Technology Can Improve the Speed and Safety of Data CommunicationRFID Tags Technology Can Improve the Speed and Safety of Data Communication2019/11/20After the radio frequency identification system is matched with the reader and tag, data communication can be realized by radio waves. The relevant information is stored in the tag in electronic digit...
  • Basic Information of RFID TagsBasic Information of RFID Tags2019/11/14History In 1937, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) developed the identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) system to distinguish allied aircraft from enemy aircraft. This technology later became the b...
  • Common Questions and Answers for RFID TagsCommon Questions and Answers for RFID Tags2019/11/08What is the RFID tags? Electronic product code is the development of global product code, which can identify targets beyond the horizon. Electronic product code is not just a radio bar code, but conta...

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