The Production and Characteristics of PVC Transparent Cards

PVC transparent cards are made of transparent materials. The front and back surfaces of the cards are partially transparent, and the logo can be transparent. It can be fully transparent or translucent. The neat transparent plastic card is stylish and elegant, and looks very high-end.

Such cards are mainly used in industries such as shopping malls, supermarkets, medicine, catering, entertainment, health care, leisure, hotels, beauty, hairdressing, clothing, fitness, automobiles, photography and so on. It is usually made into a premium supreme membership card, because membership uniforms are a popular service management model, which can increase the customer return rate and increase customer loyalty to the enterprise. Many service industries have adopted this service model, and membership can now be seen in various industries. The form of membership system is also mostly represented as a membership card. Membership cards and VIP cards can increase customers' willingness to purchase and establish customer brand loyalty. If you are looking for China PVC card, you have found the right company!

1. The transparent card adopts a special manufacturing process. It is printed with transparent materials, which is different from ordinary PVC cards in terms of materials. It can be fully transparent or partially transparent. The internal structure is clearly visible, which can show the stereoscopic visual effect of the card. The use of transparent cards is fashionable and elegant.

2. The transparent card can be made into various contact and non-contact smart cards, including ID cards, IC cards, CPU cards, RFID tag cards, etc.

3. The transparent card can be large embossed code (small embossed code or large embossed code) hot stamping or silver stamping and signature strips. According to the needs of the transparent card, it can also add spray code, flat code, laser code, magnetic stripe and bar code.

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