What are The Main Functions of RFID Technology?

RFID electronic tags are widely used in libraries, tickets, clothing, wine industry, logistics, supply management, manufacturing and assembly. Now let's take a look at the main functions of RFID electronic tag technology.

RFID technology, which is also known as electronic tag and radio frequency identification, it is a kind of communication technology. It can identify specific targets , read and write relevant data through radio signal without establishing mechanical or optical contact between identification system and specific targets.

The main functions of RFID technology are as follows:

1. Fast scan. Automatic identification technology is a kind of technology, which uses certain identification device to complete the related subsequent processing through the related information of the identified items and provides it to the background computer processing system.
2. Small size and diversified shapes.
3. Pollution resistance and durability.
4. Reusable. The barcode is read-only and needs to be aligned with the commodity label. Only one barcode can be read at a time and it is easy to be damaged. RFID is rewritable and it does not need to align the label when it is used. It can read multiple barcodes at the same time. It can be used all day without human intervention
5. Penetrating and barrier free reading.
6. Large memory capacity of data .
7. For safety, Star Trend has products in this field, which are also successfully used in various systems.

RFID electronic tag is widely used in our life, work and other industries. The use of RFID electronic tag helps us save a lot of time cost, and it is also fast and convenient.

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