Built-in Chip (ID, IC) Membership Card and Contact (Induction) and Contactless Chip Card

There are many kinds of chip cards, mainly divided into two categories: contact chip cards and non-contact chip cards. The chips used in these two categories are also different. The chip of contact chip cards is exposed on the surface of PVC cards. The bank cards that we often use now are of this style (chip + magnetic stripe); The chip of non-contact chip cards is sandwiched in the middle of the card, which can not be seen by naked eyes. It can only be measured by the card measuring equipment. If it is seen by naked eyes, it is an ordinary PVC card.

The chips used in contact chip cards and non-contact chip cards are all customized for different models, so before making cards, we must determine whether to make contact chip cards or non-contact chips. Don't take it for granted that all chips are the same kind. Here is a special note, that is, built-in chip cards and inductive chip cards are actually non-contact chip cards with different names, not other types of chip cards.

Contact chip cards (IC cards):

There are many kinds of chips used in this card, for example, our mobile phone SIM cards, bank cards and CPU cards are all contact type. However, the chip models used in each card are different. The contact chip is an integrated circuit chip, which adopts non-volatile memory to protect logic circuit, and it even has a CPU with micro processor.

Non-contact chip cards (ID, IC cards):

This card has a built-in chip and is used inductively. The access card and time attendance card we use are of this kind. Non-contact cards, also known as radio frequency cards, consist of a chip and an induction antenna, which are encapsulated in a PVC card. The induction distance of this card is usually 5-10cm, and the data is read and written through the transmission of radio waves.

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