The Wide Application of IC Card

MifareClassic, abbreviated as "M1 card", is a type of IC card, which is widely used as a contactless card for urban buses, subways and gated campuses. It came out more than ten years ago and is still being used on a large scale. It is already a miracle in itself.

So, what is an IC card? We can understand it as embedding an integrated circuit chip on a plastic substrate. The integrated circuit chip can be divided into three types. One is a memory card with only storage function, similar to U disk. This product form has basically withdrawn from the market. The second kind is a logical encryption card with a simple logical encryption design. M1 belongs to this kind, which has lower security. The third is built-in CPU and processing software (also known as chip operating system, COS), also known as smart card, SmartCard, CPU card, smart card.

The main uses of IC cards are two types: secure payment and identification. Taking the design and application of M1 as an example, when it is used as a city card electronic wallet, the amount of the wallet exists in the form of a counter (a storage format with addition and subtraction functions). Before adding and subtracting counter values, you need to verify the corresponding password-like access control mechanism. The password is transmitted on the read-write device and between the device and the card. And in the verification of the card, it exists in a protected form.

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