Why People Choose RFID Tags?

With the continuous development and update of technology, RFID tags show more advantages  than ordinary tags, and are commonly used in more industries. Nowadays, RFID tags have been integrated into the lives of our modern people and occupy a place in the world's top ten anti-counterfeiting technologies. From the RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability system of the Chinese national wine Maotai, to the daily RFID non-stop toll collection management system, there are countless. What are the advantages and benefits of RFID tags in detail? STAR TREND will introduce to you.

RFID tags have better security. It can not only be embedded or attached to products of different shapes and types, but also can be configured with password protection for the reading and writing of tag data, thus having higher security. Tag data can be changed dynamically, and data can be written to using a programmer, giving smart tag RFID the function of interactive portable data files, and the writing time is less than printing barcodes.

RFID tags have dynamic real-time communication functions. The tag communicates with the reader at a frequency of 50 to 100 times per second, so as long as the object attached to the RFID tag appears within the effective recognition range of the reader, its position can be dynamically tracked and monitored. The recognition speed is fast. As soon as the tag enters the magnetic field, the reader can immediately read the information in it, and it can handle multiple tags at the same time to achieve batch identification. The two-dimensional barcode with the largest data capacity can only store up to 2,725 digits. If it contains letters, the storage capacity will be less. RFID tags can be expanded to tens of thousands according to user needs.

Radio frequency tags have a long service life and a wide range of applications. Its radio communication mode enables it to be used in highly polluted and radioactive environments such as dust and oil pollution, and its sealed packaging makes its life greatly beyond the printed bar code. The reading is convenient and fast, and the data can be read without a light source, and can even be carried out through the outer packaging. The effective identification distance is greater. When receiving an active tag with its own battery, the effective identification distance can reach more than 30 meters.
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