Introduction of Various Cards on the Market

Introduction of Various Cards on the Market

Paper card

Print the designed pattern on a large sheet of paper material (mainly coated paper), and then process the card into a standard size (85.6×54mm). Materials of different thicknesses can be used according to customer needs, and the thickness is expressed in grams, such as 300g, 400g, 500g, 600g, 700g. This kind of card is mainly used in the communication industry to make password scratch cards, which can not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also reduce the cost of use.

PVC ordinary printing card

Print the designed pattern on a large sheet of PVC (or PET, ABS, etc.) material, and then process the card into a standard size (85.6×54mm). PVC is currently the most commonly used card-based material in China. It has the characteristics of waterproof, high printing brightness, long storage time, and is not easy to be stained and opaque.

Password scratch card

Spray the confidential information required by the customer on the PVC or paper finished card, and paste the shading scratch card on the material to be kept confidential (such as a password) to achieve confidentiality. Scratch the scratch card when the customer uses it.

Blank white pvc cards

It is directly laminated and punched from PVC material and composite film, and can also be embedded in a coil to make a non-contact white card (such as ID card, IC card). It can also be made into patches with different thicknesses, and after printing, it can be pasted on the non-contact IC white card to reduce the waste of IC cards due to staff movement.It is mainly used in some factories and mines, schools, banks, enterprises and institutions with small card printing equipment and small batches of card issuance to print and produce work certificates or various types of certificate cards. You can get silver blank cards at Star trend as well.

Magnetic stripe cards
The magnetic stripe card is a readable and writable magnetic recording medium card. On the basis of ordinary cards, high or low magnetic resistance strips are affixed before lamination after printing, and they are firmly integrated with plastic or paper by bonding or heat sealing to form magnetic cards. The magnetic strip has 3 independent tracks, which can record simple data information, such as card number.

Barcode card

Mark the required barcode (such as 39 code, 128 code) on the surface of PVC or paper finished card to record simple data information, such as card number. The content represented by the barcode can be read on the barcode reader.

Personalized card

Personalized information such as color photos, names, numbers are printed on the PVC card body material by digital printing. In addition, according to different needs of customers, magnetic stripe or contact or non-contact IC chips can be added to achieve functions such as time and attendance, access control, and consumption. Compared with previous paper personalized cards, PVC personalized cards are not easy to forge, do not open glue, are waterproof, and are not easily damaged. The photos on the PVC personalized card are clear, bright and durable. The PVC personalized card can also be attached with other various functions.

Metal card

The metal card is made of alloy material. It is developed by electrolytic etching and electroplating according to documents provided by customers. The metal card has a strong three-dimensional sense, and the surface is generally plated with gold. It can be screen printed and has the characteristics of good texture and hand feel. It is novel and beautiful and has high collection value.

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