RFID Contactless Technology Enables a More Secure and Efficient Supply Chain

1. The development background of RFID in supply chain

During the COVID-19, in the face of sudden supply shortages and extremely unstable purchasing demands, distributors and retailers have gradually realized that digital supply chain technology is an important capability that must be deployed to deal with future uncertainties.

The contactless technology of the digital supply chain provides countermeasures to these challenges and forms an RFID-based solution. RFID in supply chain can provide comprehensive and accurate real-time inventory information, enabling seamless tracking of all products from the source to consumers.

2. Why should the supply chain choose RFID?

RFID in supply chain creates a unique digital identity for each tangible product, and it helps companies to view every tagged item in the supply chain anytime and anywhere so that the inventory transparency and accuracy can reach an unprecedented level.

Real-time data becomes a key success factor:

In the case of supply shortages and fluctuations in demand, it is crucial to have reliable real-time data to show inventory levels of different locations and provide timely feedback on product status due to border closure or customs delay.

This type of information can help companies reorient their inventory in a timely manner based on local demands. It can also help store-based retailers develop flexible e-commerce models to provide consumer-oriented services directly from any link in the retail supply chain, such as parcel delivery or door-to-door delivery, it paves the way for more effective omnichannel strategies in the future.

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