RFID Enables Automatic Replenishment for Dutch Retailer

RFID Enables Automatic Replenishment for Dutch Retailer

Wild Store is leveraging RFID technology from RFKeeper at its distribution center and at two stores to gain visibility into where goods are located, thereby automating the ordering of new inventory and offering goods for sale from its Web shop.

By Claire Swedberg
Jun 17, 2019

Wild Store has launched an RFID-based solution at its two Netherlands-based stores to enable automatic replenishment as goods are sold at its store or online. The system, provided by Israel-based RFKeeper, consists of EPC UHF RFID inlays built into the hard tags attached to each product, as well as countertop and handheld readers and cloud-based software. The RFID automation system provides stock reliability to enable the automatic replenishment of inventory.

With the technology in place, the company reports that it is now able to ensure its inventory is accurate for those buying products online, as well as for in-store shoppers. The solution was taken live in May of this year and was installed at its distribution center and in two shops in Dinteloord and Hoeven.

Employees utilize a handheld reader to read all tagged items in the store front.
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