Applications of RFID Technology in The Breeding Industry

1. The application background of RFID technology

With the continuous progress of society and technology, the breeding industry is also developing rapidly to form a new breakthrough. In recent years, intelligent breeding, ecologica breeding, and standardized breeding are the necessary paths for the many breeding industries. In addition to advocating environmental protection and ecology, many breeding projects must be more standardized. Under this environment and requirements, the applications of RFID technology allow many farmers to conduct breeding management through electronic ear identification readers. The electronic ear identification reader can collect animal ear tag information, and carry out intelligent identification and tracking management of animal breeding, transportation and slaughtering. Therefore, it can achieve standardized breeding, special breeding and ecological breeding.

2. Applications of RFID technology in the breeding industry

The electronic ear identification reader is dedicated to the animal husbandry industry, and it is also the identity ID of animals. The electronic ear identification reader is one of the most special applications of RFID technology. The growth information, species, quantity, number and other information of animals can be obtained by RFID sensors. It grasps the dynamics of the farm in real time. In addition, the information is presented in the software system digitized and visualized, and scientifically managed to effectively prevent the occurrence of various bird flu or animal epidemics and reduce the risk of breeding.

Animal electronic ear identification readers are recognized and used by many farmers, and are widely used in electronic feeding stations, automatic feeding troughs, milking stations, inventory channels, intelligent weighing, livestock access control and other fields, which can prevent breeding of breeding animals and epidemics. It can effectively track and trace the source of breeding livestock, epidemic prevention and control as well as meat quarantine, etc. It can detect and solve diseases and epidemics in time, and truly achieve automatic and intelligent management, reduce breeding risks, reduce losses, and improve economic and social benefits. At present, It has been widely used at home and abroad to effectively manage the whole process of animal growth.

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