RFID Enhances the Security of Prisoner Tracking

Recently, the American Creek County Commission signed a contract with a company to provide RFID wristband services for a new system for prison inmate tracking.

1. Features of RFID chip wristband

The RFID chip wristband is a security measure that will greatly reduce human error in prisons. Each prisoner will receive a number and a wristband with a coded RFID chip when registering.

Police officers scan RFID chip wristbands when counting the number of people, issuing munitions, certain munitions (such as razors) are used, food trays are distributed and handed in, prisoners leave the prison to go to court, prisoners leave the cell, and in other situations.

Another benefit is that RFID wristbands will allow police officers to keep distance from prisoners when counting the number of people, which is a valuable safety precaution during an epidemic.

2. The advantages of using RFID wristbands

The prison not only can use the function of RFID wristband to track the whereabouts and actions of prisoners in real time, but also can analyze which prisoners gather in certain places, or who is nearby when fighting occurs. This can help the police reduce work pressure and prevent riots.

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