Profile of Unique-shaped Card

The standard card is an internationally uniform size card product, and its size is 85.5mm×54mm×0.76mm. Nowadays, printing is not limited by size due to individual needs, which has led to the appearance of many "weird" cards of all kinds in countries all over the world. We call this type of card unique and special-shaped cards. Among them, geometric cards such as rectangles, squares, triangles, ellipses, we call "non-standard unique special-shaped cards"; some special-shaped cards with animal shapes and doll shapes are called "unique shaped cards" . Relatively speaking, the production process of "unique shaped cards" is more difficult than geometrical ones.

Common unique shaped cards are mainly used for two purposes. On the one hand, they are used on badges. According to the different requirements of customers, the size of the badges varies greatly. The smallest is 20mm×40mm, and the badge is more appropriate. The largest is 90mm ×130mm. In addition, it is mainly used for access control cards, which can be made into dozens of shapes, such as key chain cards and coin cards, just like the remote control on a car, which is modern and beautiful.

Now there are more and more printed materials using PVC as the material for all aspects, such as: exhibition tickets, exhibition display boards, billboards used in shopping malls. The size of special cards is 310mm×380mm and the thickness is 0.15 mm--1.55mm.

Uniquely shaped card does not refer to a certain type of card. In layman's terms, any irregular shape can be called a unique-shaped card. A variety of chips can be packaged in the unique shaped card, which means that it can have a variety of different functions. The unique-shaped card is a non-international standard card tailored to individual needs. The thickness of the card base is 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.76mm and other types. The size of the card is also different from the conventional card, and it may add personalized patterns or commemorative pictures on the cover of the cards.

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