RFID Tags Still Have a Lot of Room for Smart Packaging

As the degree of globalization continues to increase, the market expands on a large scale, and the product supply chain continues to grow. Consumers have higher and higher requirements for product quality, especially the freshness of food and the degree of protection of precision instruments.

1. Scope of RFID tag applications

In this process, RFID label smart packaging is increasingly becoming an extension of product functions, and becoming a carrier of various innovative technical means such as integrated printed electronics, RFID, and flexible display. RFID tags are used in almost all fields and industries including electronic products, food, beverages, and daily necessities.

2. The use of RFID tags promotes the development of smart packaging

Since the beginning of the Olympic Games, governments of various countries have increased their supervision of food and effectively promoted the use of electronic RFID tags. The application of smart packaging in logistics, packaging, retail and other industries has also begun to enter a process of rapid growth.

In general, the functions of smart RFID tags and packaging include many aspects. For example, it can implement inventory tracking, prevent product loss, detect whether food has deteriorated, identify the authenticity of wine, and become a carrier of coupons and discount promotions, interacting with consumers in games.

Therefore, with the development of technology, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the function and product form of RFID tag smart packaging.

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