What are the Classifications of RFID cards?

The contactless IC card is also called a radio frequency identification card, and is composed of an IC chip and an induction antenna. It is encapsulated in a standard PVC card. The chip and the antenna have no exposed parts.


RF card is a new technology developed in the world in recent years. It successfully combines the applications of rfid technology and IC card technology, ending the problem of passive (no power in the card) and contact-free. The RFID card is a breakthrough in the field of electronic devices. The card is close to the surface of the reader at a certain distance (usually 5-10mm), and the data is read and written through the transmission of radio waves.


1. The non-contact IC card and the card reader use radio waves to complete the read and write operations. The communication frequency between the two is 13.56MHZ. The non-contact IC card itself is a passive card. When the reader performs reading and writing operations on the card, the signal emitted by the reader is composed of two parts superimposed. One part is the power signal. After the signal is received by the card, it generates an instant energy with its own L/C to supply the chip with work. The other part is instructions and data signals, which instruct the chip to complete the reading, modification, storage, etc. of the data, and return signals to the reader to complete a read and write operation. The reader is generally composed of a single chip microcomputer, a dedicated intelligent module and an antenna. It is also equipped with a communication interface with a PC, a printing port, an I/O port, etc., so that it can be used in different fields.


2. Internal partition of contactless smart card

The interior of the contactless smart card is divided into two parts: the system area (CDF) and the user area (ADF).

The system area is used by card manufacturers, system developers, and card issuers.

The user area is used to store relevant data information of the cardholder.

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